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Custom reporting from Behind the Scenes - Introduction to Krish



I love to read and some of my books are my best friends and I like to revisit them occasionally.  I’d recently read an older book, The Perfect Storm.  In both the movie and the book, the payout from the voyage seems complicated, and it is.

This excerpt caught my attention:  They’d been at sea a month and taken fifteen tons of swordfish.  Prices fluctuate so widely, though, that a sword boat crew often has no idea how well they’ve done until after the fish is sold… the Andrea Gail sold her catch to O’Hara Seafoods.  The owner of the boat was reimbursed for pre-trip out of pocket costs, (fuel, bait, etc.,) right off the top, then he gets his percentage, normally 50%.  Crew expenses (food, misc.) came out of the remainder, with the balance split 50% to the captain and other 50% to the crew, based on their experience level.

It’s a boring little tidbit, but I found it interesting since we had recently sold QuickBooks Enterprise to a client who was in the wholesale seafood distribution business, hence O’Hara by a different name.  They were coming from an old dos-based accounting system and that was an issue in itself, but they were looking for a special report to handle the payout to the boat owner, the captain and crew. It is actually an old report that the industry users developed back in the pre-computer days, but their  program used to produce the report from their old system was outdated.

For this report, we couldn’t get Advanced Reporting to get the data in the format we needed.  We designed the report, using custom fields to hold needed information, like boat owner, percentage payouts per agreements (no two are the same) and other trip data.  The report is all driven by a purchase order, which is completed when the boat returns to the dock.  The report displays information down to the Owner/Captain Split, and is given to both parties when the checks are generated. Now insert Krish. Krish is an expert in building customized applications.  He was able to write the report and at a very ridiculously low price. Krish sold us forever, which is why he’s on our team.

Because of the custom fields, far more information is available for management to analyze information from the top down or at any level of detail.

If you find that you need information that QuickBooks can’t provide, contact us. We think outside of the box and have the people and resources to convert your accounting wishes to accounting reality.