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  Discover Your Profit Cycle & Harness Its Power QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions ties together your company's estimating, production, accounting, and analysis processes- the "Profit Cycle" that is responsible for your business' health. For example: you enter information only once to produce a variety of detailed reports that will help you confidently make rapid, informed business decisions

Perhaps best of all, the software's comprehensive and customizable feature set can help you solve the specific challenges of your particular trade: Plumbing/HVAC Electrical, Specialty Trades, Home Building, Remodeling, Commercial Construction, Heavy Construction, and more.

Move One Step Closer to Taking Control of Your Business.

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QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions construction management software puts you in command of your business with assembly-based estimating features, rich production resources, a construction-compliant accounting engine, and leading-edge analysis tools. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions  can help you win more-profitable bids, finish jobs faster and minimize risks, better manage your money and collect it more quickly, make each new job better than the last, and grow your business more profitably.

To help you succeed, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is delivered with uncompromising service. You'll benefit from easy access to online classes, live seminars, excellent technical support, and, to help you work even more profitably, Solution Resources Advanced Certified Consultants help you get your software implemented and provide you with ongoing assistance. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is from Intuit a leading provider of business and financial solutions for small business, consumers, and accounting professionals.

Job Costing is a critical function for many QuickBooks users, especially contractors.  While QuickBooks has provided some fundamental tools for job costing, there have been a few missing pieces., the features below are available in Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise.

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Enhanced Payroll is included with Gold and Platinum Subscriptions:


Sales Reps by Job: While QuickBooks allows users to establish ‘Jobs’ as a sub-layer under the Customer until now you could not assign a ‘Sales Rep’ to each Job, only the Customer as a whole.  But now, you can assign a Sales Rep for each Job, even when a different Rep (or no Rep at all) is assigned at the Customer level.


Job Work in Progress (WIP) Summary Report: (Over/Under Billings) This report shows a summary of job-related information, including estimated and actual cost, the percent complete, and the estimated, earned, and actual revenue. The Earned Revenue column shows the amount you've earned for the job but haven't billed the customer for. The Act. Revenue column shows the amount you've already billed the customer for.  This report is very similar to the Job Estimates vs. Actuals Summary report; however it contains the new “percent completed” column.  You used to have to export data from QuickBooks into Excel in order to compute the difference between Estimated and Actual Cost in order to determine the percentage complete; now QuickBooks does all this for you.


Committed Cost by Job Report: Another new report which shows the costs incurred for a job but for which you haven't billed the customer.  The Est. Cost comes from the job estimate, the Act. Cost represents the costs you have already billed the customer for.  The amount in the Total Cost column is the Act. cost amount plus committed costs and unpaid wages. Committed costs are those amounts that appear on unpaid purchase orders for a job. Unpaid wages come from time entries that have not yet been posted to a payroll check. The amount in the Remaining Cost column represents the Est. cost amount minus the Total cost amount.


Job Costing Center Three most profitable Jobs in the last 12 months -  3 Lease Profitable Jobs in Last 12 months, Job Costing  Highlights. Access to Job Costing Reports, including Cost to complete by Job Summary, Job Estimates vs Actuals, Job Cost Detail.



Special features for the construction industry

When you’re juggling bids, estimates, change orders, vendors, subs, employees, and a whole lot more, it’s good to have these special Enterprise Solutions features in your toolbox:

Key reports

Track your job costs automatically as you pay bills, employees, and subcontractors. Enterprise Solutions lets you see how you're doing at every phase of the job. Special Construction reports include:

Estimates made easy - Example If you know the cost of 1 SQ of Shingles

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions allows you to easily calculate the cost of 1,000 SQs

Track Equipment Cost in QuickBooks - Download Instructions.

AIA - Automatically Generate Quick, Accurate Billing Information  Following Standard AIA G-702/G-703 Format . . . by Extending the Power of QuickBooks!  Third Party interface from Sunburst Construction Solutions.

Certified Payroll  available  from Sunburst Construction Solutions

Tsheets No more illegible or lost paper time cards, or payroll spreadsheets; TSheets is sweeping business owners and bookkeepers everywhere off their feet with fast, easy, and mobile time tracking for payroll. With employee hours tracked in real time, employee timesheets are ready for payroll whenever you are.


Intuit Full Service Payroll Payroll done for you Payroll done right , Instant paychecks and free direct deposit, We handle payroll taxes and filings for you, Error-free paychecks and taxes guaranteed, Free live support from payroll experts. You enter the hours, Intuit does the rest.


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