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Sage Master Builder , a construction business management solution It helps contractors increase profits, reduce liabilities, win more profitable jobs and stay competitive. This single, all-inclusive application includes a comprehensive set of fully integrated features for estimating, production, accounting and analysis.  Master Builder adheres to construction management best practices, including construction-compliant accounting.   Solution Resource is a local  Master Builder Consultant.


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5 Tips on Technology


1 - Create a master plan for technology, just as you would draw up a business plan, a budget or a marketing plan.

2 - Design the plan so that it supports your business strategy and goals. Use it to guide technology buying decisions.

3 - Think of technology purchases as investments, not costs. And, remember, when you have an overall plan, your company avoids wasting money on unnecessary purchases or quick fixes.

5 - Start by determining your company’s needs. Look at what problems need to be solved and how technology can help.

5 - Get expert help to guide you.